About CLN

To accomplish our mission, CLN provides numerous opportunities for its members to:

  • Increase self knowledge and self assessment
  • Practice and improve leadership skills
  • Expand awareness of the communities of Chautauqua County, its assets and challenges
  • Position themselves to use their talents, skills, and knowledge to benefit their communities
  • Actively participate as trained community leaders
  • Network with knowledgeable committed trained leaders who help to make the difference in the quality of life in Chautauqua County
  • Establish a framework for leadership that focuses on community development
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  • A better understanding of self
  • A greater appreciation of the use of leadership styles and skills
  • Knowledge of the "communities" of the county, their assets and challenges
  • A new set of skilled friends and networking resources
  • A growing network of committed, trained leaders who improve the quality of life
  • A sense of confidence in its future
  • An employee with increased organizational skills
  • Employees with a better understanding of the community environment
  • Higher visibility through the company's increased involvement in community
  • Increased access to other community leaders and resources

To achieve our goals, CLN has developed a three-pronged strategy:
  • Orientation program
  • Leadership development activities
  • Networking events

​The Orientation program is a one year curriculum for new members. It begins with an opening retreat in late February and continues with half or whole day sessions every three to four weeks until early December.
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