Opening Retreat

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Asset Awareness

The asset awareness sessions are designed to highlight the community assets and to help us understand the history, current status and our role in meeting the future challenges of that community asset. Past asset sessions have included visits to large local dairy agribusiness, manufacturing organizations, facilities for health care, human services, and education. Each session features speakers who are knowledgeable leaders in the area. Of the six asset sessions, one or two is planned and presented by the curriculum committee utilizing community leaders and other experts, some of whom are CLN alumni. Four are planned and presented by members of the orientation year as a sort of "class project". This gives new members an opportunity to exercise their emerging leadership skills, to connect them with each other, and explore the trends and challenges of a selected community asset. The final asset session is the "Safari Report"! Throughout the year, the organization's members are encouraged to visit as many unknown, unfamiliar locations as possible with the purpose of expanding their awareness of the assets of this county. On Safari Report day, presentations are given by participants about their discoveries. Every year participants are amazed at what they did not know about Chautauqua County.