CLN Leader Spotlight

Meet Ken Brown
Senior Financial Advisor
Northwest Investment Services
Class of 2014

At the Northwest Bank, Ken Brown is a Senior Financial Advisor who speaks very highly of the atmosphere and enjoys going to work everyday. Brown says he is also an active member in his community and the bank gives a great platform to do so.

Ken says Ben Lindquist, Justin Hanft, Scott Nuccio and himself have created  a close friendship with one another. They all lean on each other often throughout their careers. We love to see the relationships and connections made through our network!

We continued to ask Ken what his greatest lesson learned so far within this group is and he stated, “it has taught me to always work hard and never stop learning new things.” We love to see the positivity that comes out of our members! Keep pushing yourself to learn Ken!

Ken is happily married to his wife Shirley. They have four girls ages 2, 9, 12 and 15 who keep them very busy!

Ken shared his appreciation regarding the Chautauqua County community saying, “it is very rich in community and values.” Ken thinks it’s also a great place to raise a family. He concludes the questionnaire by sharing his favorite activity in his spare time. “Golfing with my girls. Everyone including my 2 year old has a set of clubs.”

Thank you for sharing information about yourself Ken. We love learning new things about everyone!

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