A Message From Our President:
Committee Appeal

Good Thursday morning everyone!

We are putting out a call for help from the Executive Committee to all our alumni.  We need help for our committees as we move into a very busy CLN season, getting ready for strategic planning, budgeting, and programming for 2022 and beyond.

My gramma used to say “many hands make light work”.  Right now we have few hands and people are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, definitely a downer for motivation I’d say!  Can you look into your hearts (and schedules!) and see if you can raise your hand for one of our committees?

  • Branding and Marketing
  • Program Development
  • Network Development
  • Financial Sustainability
  • Strategic Planning (ad hoc)
  • Diversity and Inclusion (ad hoc)

We can’t afford to lose momentum especially now.  Can you commit for even a few months so we can pay our experience forward to the next class?