A Message from the President:
Seeking Experienced Speakers/Trainers/Facilitators

Hello CLN members!

As the program development committee begins to prepare for getting back into the Leadership training business, we are seeking experienced speakers/trainers/facilitators to lead our program sessions in 2022.

We base our program around the following 11 Leadership Competencies:  Self-Awareness, Team building, Creativity, Communication, Asset Discovery, Organizational Skills, Developing Others, Ethics/Integrity, Leading Change, Social Intelligence, and Networking/building partnerships.

We are especially interested in subject matter experts that have a proven history of engaging adult learners in a combination of learning styles that include theory presentation mixed with experiential activities and case studies to reinforce the theory.

If you are interested in leading a session yourself, or have a friend/colleague or fellow leader who would be a great facilitator, please provide us a written proposal that would include the following:

  • Provide a 1-2 paragraph executive summary which includes a bio of the facilitator and a brief synopsis of the topic.
  • Clearly introduce the topic and how it relates to one or more of the 11 competencies
  • Describe the overall facilitation and flow of the session; include an outline/agenda.
  • Describe how you will collaborate with the CLN curriculum committee to customize content and adapt your approach to meet the evolving mission, vision and goals of the organization.
  • Describe relevant or past experience related to proposed activities.
  • Provide resume of the proposed lead facilitator and any other individuals who may be assisting with the scope of the project. Explain the role of other individuals in the proposal.
  • Provide a budget.  All reasonable budgets will be considered and may be negotiated. (As we are currently recovering from the losses incurred during covid, we are trying to keep costs very low. We welcome donated or low-cost facilitation by local leaders. However, as always, we, strive to have the best facilitators possible.)
  • Be no more than two pages in length, not including your resume.

Please submit your proposal electronically to Donna Flinchbaugh, dflinchbaugh22@gmail.com.

Thank you!