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Dear CLN members,

The board met for an emergency meeting today, Friday, October 23 to discuss whether or not to host a Class of 2021. This was a result of our board meeting earlier this month, where members reviewed our 2020 budget that will end at a loss, and a projected 2021 budget showing CLN operating at a significant loss with the anticipation we will be unable to fill a class. After much discussion, the board voted not to pursue a Class of 2021. In summary, here were the main discussion points:

  1. Board members connected with long-standing employer partners to find out interest and ability to send a candidate for 2021. As you can imagine, some are unable to commit supporting our assumption we would struggle to fill a class for 2021. For the employers who are still interested, they are concerned about whether it is in person or virtual, with many citing the value of the CLN experience comes from the networking at in-person training.
  2. Feedback from the class of 2020 echoes this sentiment that the experience was diluted for them from the intended format of the program. While they do not fault CLN, they feel they did not get the full value of the CLN experience program year.
  3. With this feedback in mind, the Board felt strongly that we should not further dilute our CLN brand that we have worked so hard to build up over the last 5 years. We cannot guarantee the in-person experience employers and participants find most valuable.

Moving Forward

With this decision made, it does not mean CLN will cease to function during 2021 or “take a year off”. With our committee members input and assistance, the Board would like to pursue new objectives in 2021 around fundraising, volunteerism, and offering alternative programming with stand-alone sessions. This will allow us to keep the CLN brand active and visible in the community. The coming year will also afford us the opportunity to focus on the next round of strategic planning and put forth a new plan for 2022 and beyond.

If you wish to contribute to this work or have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out by email to me

Thank you for your continued support of CLN!


Kerri Brown

CLN Board President, 2020


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