Job Bulletin (1/27/22) – The Resource Center – Assistant Executive Director


The Resource Center currently has a senior leadership position open.  This role has direct impact on both employees of the organization and the people supported.  Interested candidates looking  to work in a dynamic work environment with opportunities to drive continuous quality improvement  for a strong and stable employer should consider applying.  To apply please go to  Please see the job description below:



RESPONSIBLE TO: Executive Director

FUNCTION: In close collaboration with the Executive Director, provides leadership and support to ensure the organization is Mission Focused, maximizes operating performance, adheres to sound business and quality practices, and ensures regulatory compliance. As a member of the Executive Support Team (EST), participates in short- and long-term strategic planning, supports the development of policies and procedures, ensures a healthy work culture, and provides agency-wide support and guidance in assigned areas. Positively represents the organization at all times.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Must possess excellent interpersonal and written/oral/presentation skills, including the ability to relate to and communicate with diverse stakeholders including customers, family members, peers, staff, Board of Directors, governmental personnel, agency personnel, regulatory entities and the community at large. Comprehensive knowledge of modern business practices and procedures, including federal, state and local laws, in assigned area of responsibility. Strong analytical skills with the ability to interpret and synthesize data, identify trends, problem solve, and develop and oversee the implementation of action plans. Must possess proven initiative and sound judgment and abide by governing principles consistent with TRC’s mission and values. Demonstrated adaptability and flexibility, including willingness to travel and work non-traditional hours as needed to carry out assigned responsibilities. Ability to work as part of the EST in identifying and achieving the goals and outcomes of the organization. Physical condition or reasonable accommodation(s) commensurate with the demands of the job.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Master’s Degree and five (5) years of experience. Licensure and Certification for assigned responsibility where applicable. Experience must be management level in a setting comparable in scope and complexity to TRC.

IDENTIFIED KEY COMPETENCIES: Innovation Management, Managerial Courage, and Political Savvy

DUTIES DIRECTION AND PLANNING: In conjunction with the Executive Director and other management staff, is responsible for:

  1. Participating in the development, approval and implementation of long-term strategic planning and objectives.
  2. Assisting with the development, implementation and monitoring of corporate outcomes, management objectives, measures and prototypes in the areas of Customer Satisfaction, Workforce Development, Financial, Process Improvement and Customer Outcomes.
  3. Development, review, implementation and execution of policies and procedures, as approved and authorized by the Board of Directors and/or the Executive Director, and in close collaboration with the management team.
  4. Supporting and facilitating the development and growth of operations and services in the various environments.
  5. Working in conjunction with the Executive Director and other senior management in the development and preparation of business plans to be submitted for review and/or approval by the Board of Directors.
  6. Working in conjunction with the Executive Director to fulfill the mission by utilizing, leveraging, and supporting collaborative relationships, partnerships and transactions.


  1. Initiates and supports initiatives to improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of operations and services.
  2. Prepares, implements and monitors business, operational, and financial plans to ensure financial stability in assigned areas of responsibility. Operates assigned operational programs and initiatives in a fiscally sound manner. Creates, reviews and adheres to annual budget for assigned operational programs.
  3. Assists in the facilitation of pertinent communication and information sharing, both within and outside of the organization.
  4. In association with the Executive Director, provides executive guidance, support and oversight for assigned areas of responsibility, including but not limited to: service provision, Quality Management, and business operations, as follows:
    a. All activities dedicated to providing direct services and supports to individuals supported.
    b. Work groups supporting the workforce such as labor management, personnel administration, recruitment, and staff education and advancement.
    c. Providing support, technology, and organizational infrastructure such as quality assurance and quality improvement, risk management and communications.
    d. Responsible for marketing, promotion, branding, resource development, and advocacy in assigned areas of responsibility.
  5. In association with the Executive Director, supports and facilitates a system of regular communication and reporting of various matters to the Board of Directors and Board Committees.
  6. Supports agency operations by conducting regular site visits to various locations to be accessible to the staff and clients to facilitate communication, express appreciation, celebrate accomplishments, and identify opportunities for positive improvement.

SUPERVISORY: Responsible for the administrative supervision of assigned staff, including but not limited to:

  1. Hiring, firing, discipline, performance evaluation, in-service education, training, development and support, and ensuring that there is an adequate number of staff to fulfill assigned responsibilities.
  2. Conducts regularly scheduled staff meetings.
  3. Ensure the competency and professionalism of assigned staff.
  4. Ensures that all services provided by the department adhere to federal and state laws and regulations governing personnel administration and policy and procedure.

SPECIFIC DUTIES: Refer to Appendix


  1. Commitment to Mission: Supports the Mission, Vision, Beliefs, policies, philosophies and outcomes of The Resource Center.
  2. Support for TRC and Community: Involvement in organizations and activities which reflect and/r support TRC mission/beliefs for purposes of creating public awareness, fund-raising, staff support and community involvement, including participation in TRC-sponsored events and membership.
  3. Professionalism: Conducts oneself in an ethical, courteous, respectful and professional manner; promotes good working relationships with other departments, peers, directors, TRC staff members, family members and individuals we support. Maintains confidentiality.
  4. Corporate Compliance: Promotes and understands TRC’s policy on corporate compliance to ensure a culture within the Organization that promotes prevention, detection and resolution of issues.
  5. Commitment to Staff Development: Encourages and ensures an environment where staff can develop and advance professionally.



Michele R. Albaugh

Director, Staff Learning & Development and Agency Facilitation

The Resource Center

200 Dunham Avenue

Jamestown, NY 14701