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CLN Sponsor: Smart/Edge

CLN Sponsor Smart/Edge Logo“Providing safe, comfortable and efficient services to healthcare, commercial, schools and higher education.”

Reduce operational and energy costs associated with facilities

We have industry experts that are experienced with many solutions and programs available to help you reduce both your operating and energy costs, while improving your facility performance.  Some of these solutions are demand and supply side energy management, energy performance contracting, energy curtailment, building commissioning, and sustainable green technologies.  Many of our programs can be supported by available government and utility incentive programs, as well as tax credits.  We offer a no-cost assessment of your facility to help benchmark your building energy score compared to similar buildings, and use that information to determine the best Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) possible.

Increase safety and security

We offer a wide range of security solutions that can protect what’s important to you. Our highly skilled and certified technicians install security products ranging from small access control products to fully equipped emergency mass notification systems.  We offer intrusion detection, CCTV, fire alarm systems, wireless paging and clocks, and much more!  When integrated, these systems can not only keep your facility secure, but also help give you a piece of mind that your occupants and assets are well protected and safe. SmartEdge can also perform a facility security assessment to identify vulnerability and areas for improvement.

Improve productivity and comfort through building innovation

The IoT is changing the way that facility professionals operate and maintain their buildings.  Teams are using the newest technologies to create smart buildings and better physical environments for learning, healing, and productivity. As smart building technology increases, there’s a higher demand to learn and work in these improved environments which increases the value of your building.

Our experts are ready to assist you in taking the first step to a safe, cost efficient and productive building environment!

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Phone: (716) 664-7755

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