CLN Welcomes the Class of 2023

The Chautauqua Leadership Network (CLN) welcomes the Class of 2023. The year long leadership development program got underway February 17 and 18 with the inaugural Retreat at the Chautauqua Harbor Hotel. The event is led by Dr. Kirk Young, VP of Student Affairs at SUNY Jamestown Community College and 221b Performance Solutions owner/consultant, and Dr. Kyle Reyes, VP of Institutional Advancement at Utah Valley Univesity.

“The Retreat sets the tone for the rest of the year,” explains Young. “It endows you with the education, the skills, that you can build on.”

Class participation is at an all time high, with this year’s number of applications resulting in a waiting list. The 2023 class will continue to meet each month during the year to build their skills through classes on self-awareness, team building, creativity, communication, and the natural networking that results from CLN’s efforts to build leaders in Chautauqua County.

The Chautauqua Leadership Network is a volunteer-based non-profit. CLN’s mission is to provide a continual supply of persons building the skills and connections they need to be leaders in Chautauqua County. CLN has created a robust network, which enriches each member and enhances local resources. Since 1993, more than 650 local leaders have passed through the Chautauqua Leadership Network leadership development program.

For more information, visit or call 716-338-1555.

Class picture:
Row 1 (left to right)  – Stephanie Williams, Dr. Kyle Reyes (facilitator), Joalexis Martir, Dr. Kirk Young (facilitator), Kortney Santilli, Terri Crandall, Lindsay Eckman.
Row 2 (left to right) – Karie Hayes, Cait Gustafson, Makayla Santiago-Froebel, Cienna Simon, Jason Basile, Heather White, Willow Fodor, Lisa Sunday, Danielle Bertolini, Jennifer Obert, Karen Russell.
Row 3 (left to right) – Melissa Potter, Megan Arnone-Eckwahl, Steven Olson, Lindsay Hubbard, Jason Toczydlowski.
Row 4 (left to right) – Vito Randazzo, Tony Frangione, Jacob Hordych, Zulma Johnson, Graham Tedesco-Blair, Damian Jackson, Will Pekrul, Tye Flurie, Alex Pickett.

The Class of 2023 Retreat In Pictures

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