Our Members Are Our Assets

Class of 1998

CLN Class of 1998

Ann Abdella, Chautauqua County Health Network
Thomas Cardman,  Relocated
Harry Centner,  Dept. of Agriculture Markets
Janet Centner,  Retired
Carol Dankert,  CC Dept. of Social Services
Patricia DiPalma, Westfield Memorial Hospital
Kathy Furness, Samucha, Canary Enterprises
Joyce Haines, Destinations Plus
Sharon Hamilton, LSS Senior Housing
Lynette Kelly-Paradiso, Southern Chautauqua County Credit Union
Patricia Kinney, Retired
Mary Jo Kozlowski, No information
Kent Ladd,  Relocated
Christopher Lanski,  Excelco Developments, Inc./Newbrook Machine
Laurie Livingston,  LL Consulting
Sally Martinez, Retired
Patricia Munson, Chautauqua Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Council
John Murphy, No information
Kimberly Norton, Carriage House Companies
Andrew O’Brien, WCA Hospital
Mary Rockey, Robo Enerprises
Tommy Roque, No information
Willfred Rosas, New York State Police
Sandra Sonnenberg, No information
Rick Townsend, No information
Donna Vanstrom, Family Service / Chautauqua Region
Scott Videll, The Carriage House, Inc.