Our Members Are Our Assets

Class of 2004

Front Row (L-R): Donna Flinchbaugh, Denise Kingsley-Joy. Second Row (L-R): Linda Jordan, Henry Ward, Carolyn Stowe, Bill Prieto, Deborah Moore, Rebecca Ruiz, Jean McGowan, Catherine Iannello. Third Row (L-R): Cathleen Abers-Kimball, Judy Langworthy, Amy Cuhel-Schuckers, Elizabeth Cipolla, Jody Cheney, Larry Ludemann, Steve Morvary. Fourth Row (L-R): Jerry Pardue, Ben Kirst, Barry Swanson, Gary Mickle.

CLN Class of 2004

Cathleen Abers-Kimball, 2ndLook Graphic Design
Jodell Cheney, Workforce Investment Board
Elizabeth Cippola, Cliffstar Corporation
Amy Cuhel-Schuckers, SUNY Fredonia
Donna Flinchbaugh, M & T Bank
Catherine Iannello, Jamestown Community College
Linda Jordan, Chautauqua Institution
Denise Kingsley-Joy, Jamestown Community College
Benjamin Kirst, SUNY Fredonia
Judy Langworthy, SUNY Fredonia
Lawrence Ludemann, DFT Communications
Jean McGowan, Jamestown Community College
Deborah Moore, Buffamante, Whipple, Buttafaro
Stephen Morvay, EE Austin
Gerald Pardue, Acu-Rite
William Prieto, Advertising Advantage
Rebecca Ruiz, Ross Learning
Carolyn Stow, United Way of Northern Chautauqua County
Barry Sawnson, Jamestown Police Department
Henry Ward, Westfield Memorial Hospital